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The Natural Acne Remedy ebook

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« Download Your FREE Guide And Discover 50 Ways To Treat Acne Using Only Natural Remedies… »

About Time You Got Rid of Your Acne?


Inside this guide, you’ll discover:

  • 50 ways to treat acne using natural remedies.
  • The benefits of treating acne using natural remedies.
  • Natural acne remedies to treat acne scarring.
  • The side effects of popular acne medicines and treatments.
  • + much, much more!


12 reviews for The Natural Acne Remedy ebook

  1. Verified Purchase

    When I was a teenager I had really big problems with my skin. I tried a lot of expensive and not very expensive remedies. Some of them were more effective and some were less. Now I have less problems but still they exist. They become more noticeable when ‘these days’ come. This book taught me how to treat acne with the help of natural remedies. It’s much cheaper and safer. I’ve learned how to remove post-acne dark spots and sighed with relief. This book was of great help for me. Worthy one.

  2. Verified Purchase

    I’ve always had minor breakouts from time to time since I was a teenager. I’ve tried virtually all the pimple medication in the market but I haven’t had much luck in maintaining clear skin. Since then, I’ve started to try a more natural way. I loved that this book provides an explanation on why our skin breakout. I also liked that the author explained why each solution will be beneficial in treating breakouts. It gives a different perspective. I can’t wait to try out the masks and the other tips in this book.

  3. Verified Purchase

    This is a great and helpfull book. It helps me a lot with my acne problems. I had the last years bad acne and now I know what to do.
    Thank you!!

  4. Verified Purchase

    Acne is very much like the plague. There’s really nothing good about it whatsoever. Take it from someone who suffered massively from acne a few years back, this book delved straight to the heart of the matter. In a clear, concise and lucid manner, the author goes on to describe in detail, various effective ways to treat acne. What I really appreciated with this book is the fact that it also addressed the various natural ways that acne can be treated. Very important I believe. Should you suffer from severe (or minor) acne, I would definitely feel comfortable in recommending this book to you.

  5. Verified Purchase

    What an amazing guide on how to cure acne. I remember as a teenager back in the days, I struggled with acne without having solid tips to cure it. Thanks to Paul now we have many tips on how to cure acne for the new generation.

  6. Verified Purchase

    What an info-packed read! In this book, I learned about the causes of acne, as well as both natural and pharmacological treatments. Author Paul Mathers does a fantastic job of explaining traditional and newer acne therapies, as well as unconventional herbal ones. In doing so, he provides readers with a comprehensive list of treatment options, so they’re well-informed enough to choose the best treatment.
    I would recommend this book to anyone who has suffered from acne, or knows someone who has it. This quick read contains all the info you need to start seeing healthier skin sooner rather than later.

  7. Verified Purchase

    Honestly, I can’t tell you if these natural ways of getting rid of acne actually work. I can tell you that the information provided in this Kindle book about clearing up acne is concise and well written. I found this book to be an excellent resource for learning about the possible cures for acne, well worth the little that it costs!

  8. Verified Purchase

    I think for a book like these, pictures would really help because it’s so hard to explain and differentiaate acne. There are so many kinds of acne and I could not really tell if the acne referred to is same as mine or not. Just my opinion. But it was still one good informational read.

  9. Verified Purchase

    I had acne as a teenager but it stopped during my 20s. Unfortunately, I’m starting to have them again now that I’m on my 30s. I don’t know why it’s happening so I got this book. It has a lot of tips on how to cure acne naturally. I will definitely try those advice and hopefully be pimple-free again.

  10. Verified Purchase

    Teenagers nightmare! Trying different medicine or ointment will only cost us and we are not even sure if it’s effective. This book help us use natural remedies and help relieves the pain. It’s safe and cheaper!

  11. Verified Purchase

    Lavonte Martin
    I would have loved to had this little book when I was a teenager. I enjoyed the home recipes in the book but wish there were more of them included. Thanks !

  12. Verified Purchase

    Christopher Ranjit
    I suffered from acne most of my life. Starting at the age of 13 my face didn’t develop just one pimple but sometimes up to 20! As you can imagine this not only ruined my self confidence but girls didn’t want anything to do with « pizza face. »

    This book is a GEM! I wish I found this 10 years ago when I started having Acne. Now my Acne has started to go away and I believe this book helped me! Chapter 6 about Acne Scars is going to help me deal with all of these horrible scars I have from years of Acne.

    Thank you for this book and I suggest everyone out there pick it up. The only thing you have left to lose is your ACNE!

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