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Our dogs have so many potentials and skills that we could find so many ways to tap into them. While some dogs express themselves in races, not all of our beloved pooches could run the race track without any harm coming upon them. Thus we need to let out imagination travel and see our precious pooch getting that much coveted ribbon! Where better to win that ribbon but in a dog show?

Mankind has always been close with dogs and been breeding them for ages. Thus, dog breeding has come a long way and through the years produced breeds that have unique physical appearance and traits much to the delight of everyone. And since we have always been in awe with the things around us and pretty much want to let everyone know what beautiful things we have gave rise event most towns and cities have like livestock shows, cat shows and of course, dog shows.

A show dog may come from any dog breeds and the show aims to find the best aesthetic quality, bloodlines and training, and trainers come from different backgrounds and lifestyles/ but despite the differences, these trainers have only one goal: to be the best in the field!

One could have an option to hire trainers or handlers for their beloved pooch but nothing beats the feeling to handling your own dog. And with this experience, bond between dog and master is further strengthened. The dog comes to trust the handler and the handler comes to trust the dog, with this, they become an unbeatable team.

Just as diverse as the breeds are the shows since shows differ in types, nature and location. While most shows are indoors, some are outdoors or even in large spaces or arena. Still some shows may only cater to purebreds or specifically, to only one certain breed wherein they are being chosen based on certain criteria. These shows have certain tests to prove the breed to be an excellent one. obstacle courses and obedience tests are being included in the shows to show just how exemplary a dog is and just how great the trainer/handles is.

Shows dogs compete in shows organized by clubs or organizations. In America, the oldest organization which organizes dog shows goes by the name Kennel Club which was established in 1877. This is where one could see purebred dogs in their excellent shape.

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