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Do You Suffer From the Itching and Scaling of Psoriasis?

Or the Chronic Agony of Psoriatic Arthritis?

If so you are not ALONE!

A whopping three percent of the world’s populations suffer from either condition!

An incredible 56 million working hours are lost every year by psoriasis sufferers according to the National Psoriasis Foundation.

The drugs to manage psoriasis are expensive and have side effects!

Although the disease is not fatal it can be so annoying you wish you were dead!

That is why I wrote –

Natural Treatments for Psoriasis

Are these conditions affecting your life in these ways?

  • Do you wear long sleeved or uncomfortably warm clothing to cover up the itchy scaly patches that cover your body from the psoriasis?
  • Is it painful to comb or brush your hair because of the dry sore and scaly patches on your scalp that often develop as part of the condition of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis?
  • Are you afraid to shave your legs or armpits in case you trigger some kind of outbreak of lesions through the abrading of the razor blade?
  • Have you heard other people making fun of your “scales” behind your back?
  • Are you constantly vacuuming so others won’t notice your flaking skin?
  • Are you spending hundreds on natural products so your tender skin does not break out into embarrassing lesions?
  • Are you spending hundreds on special prescription creams and pills
  • Are you isolating and avoiding going out on dates because you are afraid you will gross your date out with your skin texture?
  • Do you suffer from unbearable itching that drives you crazy and drives others crazy too?
  • Are you losing sleep because of itching, the need to scratch and even bleeding from your psoriasis patches?
  • Does psoriasis on your hands make the simplest tasks such as washing dishes or wiping up painful for you?
  • Do you have the inflamed red psoriatic skin lesions around the joint area that are symptomatic of psoriatic arthritis?
  • Do you have pain and swelling in the joints that is excruciating in the morning?
  • Are your nails pitted or turning orange or ridged or developing strange twists and patterns?
  • Are your toenails or fingernails beginning to pull away from your nail beds giving your hands a disfigured appearance?
  • Do your joints feel warmer than other parts of your body – that might be due to your psoriasis becoming a case of psoriatic arthritis?
  • Do you have pains like tennis elbow in your elbow joint for no reason at all?
  • Do you have a numbness or a stunned feeling in your fingers or limbs?
  • Do you have a chronic pain in the neck, shoulder or upper back?
  •   Don’t ignore this symptom!In fact, I stress that last symptom because it is the most insidious one when it comes to psoriatic arthritis! That is because it is so easy to ignore that as being just fatigue or muscle soreness when in reality it is actually a warning that lesions and patches of scaly skin might break out in the area.I learned the awful way that I was just not suffering from ordinary garden variety back pain when my neck and back broke out in painful sores and became so painful to move that I had to stand in a hot shower for hours just trying to get the flexibility to get moving in the morning.

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