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In 2008 eBay changed their policy on digital product sales stating
that they no longer permitted digital products being sold on eBay
unless it was physically sent in the mail on a CD.

Many people believe this was a bad decision made by eBay because
of the growing popularity of eBooks in the marketplace, however, eBay have maintained the ban on digital downloads to this day.

eBay also changed their fee structure (again!!) and these new changes effective 1 May 2013 are set out in detail in this eBook.
Selling your digital products on eBay physically in the mail is not the worst case scenario, and some eBay eBook resellers have claimed to sell many eBooks over the years despite the CD postage requirement.
Most eBay resellers don’t actually burn a CD every time the make a sale, instead they contract out to a CD fulfilment company to “fulfil on demand” their eBay sales as the orders are placed by customers.
This way the resellers keep their costs low and because fulfilment companies are very fast, and usually quite cheap, they still provide a quick low cost service to customers providing your source someone local to fulfil your orders.
Many people publish an eBook with every intention of it being sold everywhere, including on eBay for a few dollars.

This is because they are selling their eBooks to market their business and/or services and the cheap eBook sale is simply to capture a potential customer’s attention. This is known as a “sales funnel”.
There are hundreds of eBooks available to buy on eBay every day, and often the sellers will sell a huge collection of eBooks in one sale for a few dollars. These books are MRR (Master Resell Rights)  eBooks and they are the typical mass produced eBook content that is very common in internet marketing.
The attraction of selling your eBooks on eBay is to market your business and/or services to a whole new audience.

On the other hand, you may just want to sell MRR eBooks on eBay as a reseller, and you just want to profit from selling the eBooks themselves.
Whether you are selling a few of your own eBooks on eBay, or a high volume of sales on eBay as a reseller, your advertising strategy on eBay will be different.
In this eBook we:
– Discuss the new changes to the eBay stores
– Show you how to place an ad on eBay
– Recommend places to acquire more eBook digital products to sell on your eBay store
– Show you an eBook “digital product sales funnel” for those
wishing to sell their eBooks on eBay Changes to the eBay Stores as of 1 May 2013
As of 1 May 2013 you can either sell your products as an individual (which allows up to 40 free listings per month) and you only pay a percentage of the sale price “if” it sells; alternatively you may want to sell a lot of digital products and open an eBay store.
Casual eBay Sellers If you don’t intend to sell more than 100 digital products a month,
you should seriously consider joining eBay as a casual user, and not opening an eBay store. You can always change from a casual user to an eBay store, and vice-versa, later on, there is no penalty to do so.
There are various fees involved with selling on eBay casually, they
– Insertion fees (for over 40 listings a month)
– Featured listing upgrade fees (optional)
– Final value sale price fees (9.9%)
– Paypal fees (if relevant) usually under 5%

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