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There are plenty of products available today for those looking to combine the

Clickbank marketplace and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. (usually
Google Adwords). This report focuses on alternative options for those who
feel they lack the experience, the nerve or just don’t have the budget
available for marketing Clickbank products via PPC.
Unlike PPC, most of the methods discussed in this report are free or very
low cost. The techniques may take a little time to pay off but persevere and
they will work for you. Think of these ideas and tools as a long term
proposition as opposed to a fast overnight cash injection. They cannot
replace a well run PPC campaign but they can still earn you some money.
If you are a Clickbank affiliate and you are struggling to make any sales, or
are seeing only the very occasional commissions, this report should help
you improve your performance.
There are no claims of “secrets” or never before seen tactics, just honest
and to the point advice and systems that will work if you implement them.
Even if you have no “list” no advertising budget and no website of your own.
Although the third party tools and programs discussed in this report are
available for free, most also offer upgrade options that do make them more
effective. However, even if you don’t want to spend any money at all, you
can still use these services and this book to promote them. So how does it
Later I will explain how you can change the links in this book to your own
before giving it away. Yes, this report is rebrandable… other words, you
can make it yours and profit from giving it away in whatever way you
choose, virally growing your Clickbank exposure on the web.
Sound good? OK, let’s get down to specifics and start making you some
Clickbank commissions. We’ll return to the rebranding process later….

First, a quick bit of background. Most new affiliate marketers are often
drawn to Clickbank because:
a) it is a well known network
b) it pays high percentage commissions and
c) they are told all the time that they will make a fortune.
Newer Clickbank affiliates usually soon find that the fortune part is not as
easy as so many people would have them believe despite the performance
of some “super affiliates”.
Once you accept this you may become disillusioned and consider giving up
on Clickbank altogether and perhaps even on affiliate marketing completely
because: it “doesn’t work for me” becomes an insistent voice in your head.
Don’t quit. Keep looking for new ways to improve your odds of making sales
and to steadily grow your “Clickbank Footprint” on the web.
This report is designed to help you change your Clickbank results for the
better. It may not make you rich beyond your wildest dreams, but if you
follow these strategies, you should start seeing returns by way of
commissions in your Clickbank account reporting every week or month.
I have used every one of these tactics to improve my own affiliate sales to
the point where I can count on a few commission notifications every week –
maybe not thousands a month but some steady sales. Surely that has to be
better than all those depressing zeros.
When you finish reading through this report you will know exactly how you
can virally grow the number of links appearing all over the internet that
contain your Clickbank affiliate ID. So, if you you are looking for realistic and
achievable sales, read on.

First things first – for any of this to work you will need a Clickbank affiliate
account. If you don’t have one yet go and get your free Clickbank Affiliate
ID here now.
Assuming that you are now a fully fledged Clickbank affiliate, let’s take a
look at the services you are going to be using to help you make some
The first of these is a free but very well featured program that can be used in
a variety of ways to reach a target audience.

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