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Hello readers, In today’s article I am going to share the best wifi hacker apps that really work for Android users. With this, you will also get much more information about WiFi and you will also learn about WiFi Hacking with Android apps. I will also provide you step by step guide for some wifi hacker apps. With the help of this guide, you will be able to hack some of the WiFi networks around you.

As we all are very well known about Wireless fidelity, that is WiFi in short. In my personal opinion, WiFi is better than any cellular data connection. But friends we have to pay money for WiFi.

Best WiFi Hacking Apps of 2021

It is not free, and it is not possible for everyone to pay the monthly bill for the WiFi connection. But don’t worry friends I bring you this article to solve your problem. By using the below-given wifi hacker apps that really work, you will be able to use your neighboring WiFi connection for free.

Basic Requirements to Follow Before Using WiFi Hacker Apps

Guys before trying the below-given applications, you need to set some basic things on your android mobile, which can make your android device a complete Linux operating system, so here we describe some basic things below.

  • Firstly, you need to root your android mobile. (Some apps work with No Root Access)
  • Your Android mobile version must be 4.0+.
  • Wifi Networks are WPS Enabled (Mandatory)
  • Proper signals of targeted WiFi. (Very Important)

Guys above we share 4 top major things, if you have completed tasks, then you can hack most of WPS PIN Available WiFi networks.

Pro Tip: 1st and the 3rd number apps are the most important.

Top 10 WiFi Hacker Apps For Android 2021

Friends, in this section I will provide you some Wifi Hacking apps for android with a short description for that you can better understand the procedure of that application. With this, I will provide you the steps that you have to follow to use WiFi hacker apps that really work.

1. WPS Wpa Tester Pro (No Root)

Guys this is a very old and working application for hacking a WPS pin available WiFi network. You can use it to hack WiFi networks. I will also provide you downloading link with the installation and user guide below. Sometimes this app can hack wifi network with no Root access.


  1. Firstly you need to download Wifi Wps Wpa Tester from the given link.
  2. Now, install it on your device.
  3. Click on Agree terms and conditions.
  4. And then, it will ask you for root permission, tap on allow/ grant button to allow permission.
  5. Click on search/refresh button.
  6. It will show all WiFi connections of your area.
  7. If it will show any warning then click on Yes.
  8. Then click on anyone, and click Connect Automatic Pin.
  9. This process will take few seconds.
  10. That’s it; it will be show the password of that network.

WPS WPA Tester Pro

2.  AndroiDumper Crack [No Root]

It is my favorite application because it’s new and beneficial too. It also shows a push notification, whenever any WPS WiFi network gets to enter in your phone’s range. And also it can help you to access the password.

Here I also provide a short user guide below, to make it easy for you. You just have to follow the below-given steps. If the signals are full, then maybe this app will work for you without root access.


  1. First of all download AndroiDumper from the given link.
  2. Now install it.
  3. Then open the app, and it will ask for the root permission, tap on allow/ grant button.
  4. It will show available WiFi networks of your range.
  5. And try to connect,  click on the No Custom Pin.
  6. It will take few seconds.
  7. If the network it on your range! Then it shows you the password of the WiFi network.
  8. Simply note the password, then connect and enjoy.


AndroiDumper app will try to connect all WPS enabled routers that have the WPS vulnerability/loopholes by using some algorithms to connect to the router.

3. Wps Connect

It is the third application in our list of best wifi hacker apps of 2021, which also breaks some WPS available networks. You can try it also. Sometimes android dumper does not work because It could happen because of the old version of the app.

It has some bugs also which means it sometimes works only. But you can try it if the above-given application does not work for you, it will also help you to access some WPS router’s passwords.


  1. First of all download WPS Connect from below given link, and then install it.
  2. Then open it, and it will ask for root permission, tap on allow/ grant button to allow permission.
  3. Now press top right corner Menu Icon, or you can also press menu key of your Android device.
  4. Then tap on the scan.
  5. It will show all WPS available or other WiFi networks of your range.
  6. You need to select one WPS available (Green) network.
  7. And click try to connect, select any PIN.
  8. This process will take few seconds.
  9. If the network it on your range! Then it show you the password of the WiFi network.
  10. Just copy the password to the clipboard, then connect and enjoy.

WPS Connect

4. ZAnti

10 Best WiFi Hacker Apps For Android 2021 | That Really WorkZanti is the best Penetration Testing and Hacking Toolkit for Android device users which was developed by Zimperium. Many users use it for hacking websites and other servers.

And you can also use it, and you can do MITM attacks, scanning, password auditing, MAC address spoofing, vulnerability checks, and much more with Zanti. Here, I will provide you the download link of Zanti.


5. WiFi Kill

It is not a WiFi hacking software of 2021, but you can disconnect another connected network by using it. And also you can speed up your WiFi speed. With this app, you can kill other connected devices which are connected to the same network. Here we provide you pro link of this amazing app.

WIFi Kill Pro

6. WiFi Inspect

You can do multiple tasks with it. It means you can change or track someone mac address, and many other tasks. You can make many impossible tasks, possible with it. But every user cannot operate it, so if you are not pro? Then I suggest you not to use it. If you want to use it, then you can download it from below given link.

WiFi Inspect

7. Fing Networks Tools

Fing Networks Tools is the greatest application for android mobile users. Nowadays many Penetration testers use it for fix some problems in their networks and most of using it for hacking. If you also want to use it, then you can download it from below given download link.


Developer: Fing Limited
Price: Free+

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8. Network Discovery

It’s a WiFi over-clocking tool, but you need a rooted Android device for this. Here I will provide you downloading link below. But Network Discovery is only for pro hackers, for beginners, it is hard to use. Here is the downloading link of the app below.

9. Interceptor-NG (ROOT)

Interceptor-NG is a tool which can allow you to spoof some networks. It is one of the eldest and greatest tools for the Android mobile devices. If you also want to use it on your device, then you need rooted, and BusyBox installed Android. Link to download this app is below.


10. Nmap for Android

Nmap is a network mapper tool, lots of peoples use it for finding open UDP ports. It’s a Linux machine. But you can access its some features in your android mobiles. I also use it for hacking WiFi and scan ports, but now I have a Linux operating system, so I use Nmap tool on my PC.

Network Mapper

Developer: kost
Price: Free

Wireless Network Authentication

No matter, how protected your data is, there’s still a chance of getting your information leaked. Due to this security issue, various Wireless Network Authentication techniques have been developed from time to time to protect internet users. Let’s have a look at those Wireless network authentication techniques:

1. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

Wired Equivalent Privacy, most commonly known as WEP is a wireless authentication protocol which protects your data from being hacked by others. It was developed back in 1999 and supposed to provide the same security as of wired networks.


WEP Authentication uses two kinds of techniques. The first one is the Open System and the other one is Shared Key authentication.

In the open system, it shares its access to every device which sends a connection request, whereas the shared key authentication is somewhat more secure. In the shared key authentication, the client has to provide a pre-existing passcode to have access to the network.


  • It uses a lower Initial value and secret key which makes it easier to crack.
  • Weak initial values combination doesn’t provide enough security to protect it from attackers.
  • The entire security system is based on passwords which make it vulnerable to attackers.
  • The secret key management system isn’t efficient which makes it quite difficult for a user to change passwords frequently.

2. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)

In 2004, the WEP system was abandoned and a new system came into action known as Wi-Fi Protected Access. It was developed to outperform the weaknesses of the WEP network. It uses higher initial values and security key values which makes this system secure as compared to its counterpart.


  • Any network which uses the WPA authentication can be hacked by the denial of service attack.
  • It uses a weak combination of passphrases which makes it vulnerable to dictionary attacks.

How to Secure Wireless Networks?

Here’s a list of few tips which will make your wireless network secure and better than before:

  • Change the default passwords that come along with the hardware.
  • Allow access to some registered and selected devices.
  • Restrict the number of devices which can connect at a given time.
  • Use a combination of numbers, alphabets, special characters in your password to protect it against any kind of attacks.
  • Using a Firewall can protect your network from any kind of unauthorized attacks.


I hope you like this article about wifi hacking apps of 2021. Please share it with your family and friends and also don’t forget to share it on your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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