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Welcome To Viral YouTube Traffic


This eBook will teach you the little known secrets of getting free website traffic from
YouTube! This eBook will help you take advantage of the wonderful marketing
opportunities offered by YouTube and with a little bit of extra effort, your video creation

efforts can easily be multiplied by adding your videos to other online video sites.
(Which we will briefly cover at the end of the book)
Throughout this guide you will learn how to do important research on YouTube
before you ever start to plan your videos. Afterwards, we’ll go into some case studies
which will show you examples of great YouTube marketing campaigns that have had
success (some of these videos have been seen by millions of YouTube visitors and
brought plenty of buyers to websites!)
Then we will start to get into the nitty-gritty details of what you will need to create
videos, such as equipment and video editing software…–And if you don’t want to
make the videos yourself, we provide some ways that you can outsource video
production. Once you’ve learned this, you’ll see how easy it is to upload your videos
and optimize them so that they get the maximum views possible by using the right
You’ll also learn how to plan your videos, pre-production, and then get a whole
bunch of ideas that you can use to market anything from information products (both as
a seller and affiliate) to physical products. You will even get new and innovative ideas
for marketing high ticket items such as real-estate and probably almost anything else
you can think of.
While this guide is specifically designed to help shrewd and future-looking
entrepreneurs and promoters to take advantage of the amazing opportunities offered
by YouTube, it should also be noted upfront that there are many other great video
sites popping up everyday.
With this information you can get free traffic to your websites and promote your
products and services to the widest internet audience possible. Hundreds of sites
were researched in the production of this guide and it presents a very complete range
of the equipment and tactics you can use.
However, it should be understood that this is not yet (and maybe never will be) a
science…Online video has incredible potential and is open terrain for any diligent,
hard-working marketer. If you take some action soon, even half-hearted efforts may
produce visible results and benefit your checkbook. I hope this guide will give you the
knowledge and tools you need to make more money and make a real positive
difference in people’s lives with your products and services.

Table of Contents ebook :
Chapter 1: What Is YouTube?
Chapter 2: Researching YouTube
Chapter 3: What Type Of Videos Work
Chapter 4: Case Studies
Chapter 5: Equipment
Chapter 6: Video Editing Software
Chapter 7: Uploading Videos
Chapter 8: Planning A Video
Chapter 9: Specific Tactics For Marketing
Chapter 10: Conclusion
Other Video Sites
*Resources List

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